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How to Help


  • Donations/Fundraisers

School Supplies for Ferguson

STL Crisis Nursery

"Hands Up, Don’t Shoot!" t-shirts

Mike Brown Memorial Fund

#LetUsBreathe: Supplies for Ferguson


Feed the Students of Ferguson

Amnesty International

Buy The Game’s song “Don’t Shoot”. All proceeds go to Mike Brown Fund.

Hands Up United 

"Don’t Shoot" t-shirts

Edit: Donate to Ferguson Municipal Public Library

Donate to STL Food Bank

Edit: Lost Voices Amazon Wish List

Edit: Donate non-perishables & supplies or send letters & gift cards to Lost Voices

Help looted businesses get back on their feet. Donate to:

North County Regional Development Association, 350B Village Square Drive, Hazelwood, MO 63042

  • Organizations

Lost Voices: Facebook Twitter

The Dream Defenders: Twitter Website

Operation Help or Hush: Website Twitter

Hands Up United: Website

The Organization for Black Struggle: Website

Ferguson Youth Initiative: Website

  • Petitions

Mike Brown Law

7 New Policies to Protect Citizens from Police Violence and Misconduct

  • Miscellaneous 

Talking and Teaching about Police Violence

The Ferguson Syllabus

Preparing to Discuss Mike Brown in the Classroom

Melissa Harris Perry - How to Teach Students About Ferguson


Share Your Skills 

Send Your Condolences and Support to the Family of Mike Brown

Edit: Resources for teaching about Ferguson, discussing race and injustice

**If can’t afford to donate, you can help by continuing to share information. Share the truth. Don’t let people forget about Mike Brown or Ferguson. Demand Justice for Mike Brown.

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Sept. 30 7:09 pm


While watching ‘Gotham’ last night I felt the need to keep my hands busy and ended up Braiding up my Legacy Day Briar’s hair in a treasure map/zig-zag braid after going through my photostream and running into when I’d given it to a Sasha in the past.

I’m still working on miniaturizing it as well as how to keep the stray strands from popping out (the brown you see in pic 2 is a brown rubber band to smooth those don) and figuring out how to make this version that is smaller, more centered and allows for loose hair since that was the very version that got me interested in figuring out how to do this style in the first place.

From eyeballing it, I’m guessing it’s done by making this a waterfall version and only using those strands? IDK for sure but I’m certainly up for the challenge & will keep everyone posted as soon as I figure it out :3

Ta ta, La Dee Da! by Andrew S. on Flickr.

Pro-tip: Should you ever want to pose 11 La Dee Das for a portrait style photo, STOP YOURSELF


Once I finally figured out some sort’ve general pose In came all the balancing of their heads vs their bodies and then gently turning all the heads to face somewhat forward - only to either make that doll fall over or someone behind/around her fall.

but it’s all done now, and thank goodness.

These girls never really popped in a big way but I’m mostly satisfied with the collection I have (only Bee Dee, Signature Dee & Art Cyanne - all of whom I neglected too long on clearance - elude me). In case you can’t tell resident brown girl Sloane is my favorite, as I have every version of her made (including that Family Dollar ‘Sweet Party’ variant). While I do think there was more to be done with them - we never did get the signature versions of Sloane, Tylie & Cyanne OR those theater & beach dolls/designs from the online game - I can understand why Spinmaster decided it would be best to pull the plug and despite their ride being so short it was a pleasurably bright one the whole time.

All I’ve been able to think about all day is this MESSY removal of Jessica from Girls’ Generation.


if she wanted to get married

and then told you this before hand

and you lined things up for one last Soshi album



But not even informing her that she’s out until after she’s gotten out of a long flight with everyone else? And then her having to go to social media to say something before you can smear her image?

With what happened to Kris, f(x) in limbo & Red Velvet’s rushed debut this was bad PR that SM DID NOT NEED right now and handling it the way I mentioned not only would’ve made money but redeemed your image a bit

The fact that SM would rather be petty than work with someone who’s given so much of her life to them is just so telling & Gross.

May you find Happiness Jessica!

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the new eah webisode was cute and i enjoyed it (esp apparently now knowing all wonderlandians can hear the narrators, who btw are the most entertaining characters so far, to some degree)

but man it just confused me even more on what exactly the rules are to royal vs. rebel 

duchess wants to steal someone elses destiny because she hates her own, thereby not following HER destiny: royal??

kitty messes up everyone elses life, but thats in line with her destiny, rebel? or royal?


also didnt ashlynn become a rebel in the true hearts day special? or was that magically redacted?

did poppy o’hair officially become a rebel? i remember one of her webisodes was specifically about her not being able to decide, so why was rebel narrator so adamant about her being on his side?

and raven making fun of apple was so oddly out of character; she’s been puzzled and frustrated by apple, but never seemed to make fun of her

so many questions with this one

I’ve never been very clear on what makes a royal or a rebel and to some degree I like it that way, it’s nice to think of something that doesn’t stick to iron clad rules or boxes. but it is frustrating as fuck when making OCs.

I got nothing for everyone else. but Ashlynn declared herself a rebel but despite what she says that doesn’t automatically erase her title as a princess…and yes I realize with Raven technically being a princess and also a rebel it doesn’t make a ton of sense but it’s all I got.

tbh the idea of it being more ambiguous doesn’t really bother me? its just odd because this franchise is literally built on the royal vs. rebel conflict, and they’ve never been able to explain exactly what that means

someone who embraces their future destiny? Maddie is a rebel and excited about being the next Mad Hatter, Duchess is a royal and doesn’t want to become the next Swan Princess.

I suppose the best definition of a rebel is someone who believes everyone should be able to choose their own destiny, while a royal is someone who believes everyone should be resigned to their destinies, but it’s just so strange that the story wasn’t that clear about it 

someone on LJ brought up the fact that the female narrator is Royal-biased - with the male one Rebel-biased - and guessed that the mislabelling was something she did in denial.

As far as I can tell Being a ‘Royal’ mean agreeing to follow in your family’s legacy/footsteps and live out their story (not exactly like them but the general commitment to being this generations’ version of what they were) while being a ‘Rebel’ is about eschewing their parent’s lineage to make their own.